Troupe of show-vinist pigs


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SQUEALER Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave.; 866-811-4111. Through Saturday.

* ? Troupe of show-vinist pigs

It was bound to happen. In shows like "The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side" and "Happy in the Poorhouse," the Amoralists delivered a high-octane, cartoonishly manic twist on 1970s Hollywood grit and early Sam Shepard. Now the Lesser America company emulates the older troupe with its debut show, "Squealer" — a kinship underlined by the presence in the cast of Amoralist stalwarts Sarah Lemp and Nick Lawson.

But effective provocation is a lot harder to pull off than it looks, and there isn’t much thought or emotion beneath the violence of Jonathan Blitstein‘s new play.


Jonathan Blitstein
The new Lesser America theater company offers a condescending look at rural life in this cliché-filled drama.