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Shubert Theater josh groban
Shubert Theater josh groban
Shubert Theater josh groban


The Sam. S. Shubert Theatre (named for one of the infamous producing brothers) is a favorite among Broadway’s flagship musical houses. Theater seats 1521. As one of the Great White Way Broadway Theaters, this theater is located in the famous Broadway Theater District 10 block strip of Manhattan (from 53rd to 42nd streets,between 6th and 8th Aves) home to over 40 theaters.


225 W. 44th St. New York, NY 10036 Phone: 212-239-2820 Location: Broadway & 8th Ave.

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Road to Shubert Theatre

Video Description:
"Road to Shubert Theatre" is about our experience of Josh Groban's New Haven Concert, "Before We Begin." We thank Josh Groban for this exraordianary opportunity and autographs for the fans after the show.
This also reflects the fans' perspective of the concert: what it takes to be a fan – anticipation, travelling, waiting, more waiting, excitement, pure joy and that absolute adoration for your artist. I've waited 3 yrs to get my violin signed. Mom spent hours to make the concert shirt for my brother, and he worked hard on the letter for Josh Groban, which he could give to in person. We drove the whole day to get to the concert & even missed school, but all was worth it. The concert was in unique setting- relaxed & friendly, which facilitated for the artist and the fans to share the special bond. Mom was extremely happy when Jonah said to Josh Groban, "You did good job singing" without any prompt. For those who may not know, music does wondrous things to many and to ones with autism. That's why we appreciate Josh Groban for his wonderful gift of music to our family. While Jonah may lack in his expressive language, here we, as his voice, to show how much he appreciates Josh Groban's music even after the lights are out, & curtains down. We hope it shows.

This video features music from Josh Groban's new album "Illuminations":
"The Wandering Kind (Prelude)," "Higher Window," and "Hidden Away."

We appreciate Jonah's piano instructor, J.K. Auberg, who is dedicated to musical excellence, for his contribution to the editing of this video.