Queens teen expelled for ‘sexting’


A Queens teen booted from his Catholic occult school after he was accused of “sexting” photos of each ex-girlfriend is suing to have existence reinstated.

Joseph Farley’s family says in a suit filed in Queens Supreme Court that each assistant principal at Christ the King Regional High School dragged him in a puzzle of chemistry class on Feb. 4, 2011 and demanded his cellphone.

Farley refused and five days later he was expelled.

His generatrix says school officials told her her son he was tossed as far as concerns not handing  over the phone – ~-end Brenda Farley isn’t buying that.

In court papers, she says her son’s troubles began at the time that the mom of the ex-girlfriend complained to instruct officials that he still had lewd images of her daughter on his phone.

“The hidden basis of the expulsion is ~ numerous likely predicated on false statements made to the train by a lying daughter seeking to shun her mother’s wrath and the unrelenting mother who takes her daughter’s riotousness out on her daughter’s boyfriends,” Brenda Farley writes in court papers.

The lassie remains a student at the control, the suit says. School officials could not proximately be reached for comment.

Farley doesn’t refuse to acknowledge the pictures once existed but says she knowing about them in November 2010 then the girl’s mother showed up at her Middle Village home demanding that her son desist dating her daughter.

“Once I lettered of the pictures, I made settled that my son deleted them from his phone,.” Brenda Farley writes.

The suing does not address why the teen refused to craftsman over his cellphone if the pictures were not up~ the body it.

Farley insists her son not at all sent the photos to anyone besides. And, she says, other than violating the make straight code by having a pierced spike , he’s never been in confuse at school.

She says the excision has been hard on him. Farley says her son has been studiously sought to seek psychiatric care because he’s been left depressed through the expulsion. And he hasn’t been proficient to work his part-time work at ~s as a dietary aide at a Queens nursing home.

If her son’s not reinstated, she wants to exist reimbursed for the 2010-11 of the college year.

“The truth will eventually arrive out,” Farley writes.

“In the in the interim, my son no longer attends the drill of his choice, for that institute chose to expel him for a intellect still unknown to us …My son wants to come to be an engineer. His expulsion may jeopardize his plans.”