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The rebirth of 42nd Street (plus the current hit Rent) revitalized the Nederlander (owned by the Nederlanders), whose location a few blocks south of the major arteries of the theatre district had made it a bit of an orphan. Theater seats 1203. As one of the Great White Way Broadway Theaters, this theater is located in the famous Broadway Theater District 10 block strip of Manhattan (from 53rd to 42nd streets,between 6th and 8th Aves) home to over 40 theaters.


208 W. 41st St. New York, NY 10036 Phone: 212-921-8000 Location: 7th & 8th Ave.

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The Nederlander Theater

Video Description:
This is and always will be the best theater.
First-it has character
Second-eight times a week it plays the best show ever.