Bloomberg shows off improv skills on ‘Curb’


Mayor Bloomberg may not watch a distribute of TV, but he’s a native when called to appear on it.

Hizzoner impressed comedy fans through his cameo on Sunday’s form finale of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” whereas he appeared at the end of the digression to kick the show’s luminary (and creator) Larry David out of NYC about the curmudgeonly comic was mistakenly perceived to subsist mocking Michael J. Fox at a fundraiser since the actor’s Parkinson’s Disease benevolence.

The mayor’s spokesman Stu Loeser reported Bloomberg shot the appearance way back in August of 2010, and in fact had to reschedule with David about President Obama requested the mayor do golf with him in Martha’s Vineyard put ~ the date of the first scheduled hit, Aug. 27.


Fortunately, David worked Bloomberg into the shooting representation a day earlier, and the mayor proved dexterous for his close-up. We ~ken he nailed the scene in “four or five takes” and improvised the method that ended up in the last scene: “This guy is trying to state Parkinson’s out of business,” Bloomberg declared, referring to Fox. “And I am listen to to put you out of this incorporated town. Get out of town!”

Asked grant that Bloomberg was a “Curb” fan, Loeser laughed and related, “He doesn’t watch much TV.” But, he added,  the mayor liked the creative that “Curb,” which is usually shot in Los Angeles, had come East to the greatest incorporated town in the world this past train. (David, who’s a native of Brooklyn, lately told Rolling Stone that he would considering moving back here if he could decide a way to golf year-spherical.)

“If a show that’s likewise much about L.A. can hit in New York, then everything can film in New York,” said Loeser.

It’s been a just actions year for sitcom cameos by those who understand their way around Gracie Mansion. Former First Lady Donna Hanover appeared in the same manner with a real-estate broker on one episode of comic Louis C.K.’s FX proclaim “Louie” in July.